On Crashed Hard Drives, Death and Resurrection . . .

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Life happens . . . or so they say. Last weekend my HDD (i.e. hard drive) on my laptop decided to konk out on me. I may be mistaken, but I think the technical jargon for such an event is konk out!

No, it is not a national crisis or a world catastrophe by any stretch, but it has caused no small inconvenience to me. It is not that I had any data on there of any great importance; but, i did have data on there that I would rather not lose. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pentecost Sunday: Celebrating the Holy Spirit


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Today is Pentecost Sunday. It is also known as Whit Sunday.

Today Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit as promised in the prophesy of Joel 2.28 and the Paraclete sayings of Christ in John’s Gospel. Read the rest of this entry »


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Cool Days and the Refreshing of the Spirit


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The past two days have been unseasonably cool where I live. The days just prior to this cool-down were hot and humid. Hot and humid is what we are accustomed to here at the end of May and the first of June. Summers are notoriously hot and the humidity sticks to you like molasses.

But, for two days now, we have been given a reprieve from the hot temps. It has felt like late Fall: with cool, stirring breezes and a noticeable nip in the air. Read the rest of this entry »


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Lessons from my Five-Year Old Daughter . . . Reflections on Easter 2015


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Last Friday, Good Friday, I sat with my five-year old (the three-year old was still fast asleep!) and we watched a children’s video about the meaning of Good Friday. The video showed Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and performing miracles and teaching the people. It showed his last Passover with his disciples in the upper room and his instituting the Lord’s Supper. It went on to show his betrayal and crucifixion. Of course, it did so with a sensitivity to children, so the images were not overly graphic. Even still, the message was clearly proclaimed. Read the rest of this entry »


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Commemorating Holy Week: Resurrection Sunday! Easter 2015


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Resurrection Sunday: (Mt. 28.1, Mk. 16.1-3, Lk. 24.1, Jn. 20.1—The women arrive at the tomb of Jesus around dawn: Mt. 28.2-7, Mk. 16.4-7, Lk. 24.2-7—The women encounter angels and are told Jesus has risen: Mt. 28.8, Mk. 16.18, Jn. 20.2—The women leave, then go and tell the disciples what they have witnessed: Mt. 28.9-10, Lk. 24.8-11—Some of the women are met by Jesus, who tells them to go and tell the disciples and he will meet them in Galilee, the women obey: Jn. 20.3-10, Lk. 24.12—Peter and John rush to Jesus’ tomb and find it empty: Lk. 24.13-35—Jesus appears, in the afternoon, to the two disciples going to Emmaus, then he later appears to Peter: Lk. 24.36-43, Jn. 20.19-23—In the evening, Jesus appears to the disciples, except Thomas.)


                It has been a long and stressful week. Observing Holy Week is not for the faint of heart. We have heard the last words of Jesus spoken during his earthly ministry. We have seen him betrayed and abandoned by the very ones who were closest to him. We have seen him mocked and falsely accused. We have heard the shouts of Crucify him echo in our ears. And, we have stood at the foot of the cross, alone on Golgotha’s hill, looking up at a broken and torn Messiah. The silence captured our hearts and minds on Holy Saturday. The night seemed to last forever. Read the rest of this entry »


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Commemorating Holy Week: Holy Saturday 2015


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Saturday: (Lk. 23.56b)


                The only mentioning of this day is in Luke 23.56b, on the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment.

Today is marked by silence. All the activity of yesterday has subsided into the nervous quiet of today. Jesus has died on the cross. He was buried and laid to rest. The disciples are huddled together in fear. They fear the religious leaders. They fear the mob. They fear the sound of approaching centurion sandals. Their whole world has been destroyed. The One in whom they trusted is now gone—he is dead. Read the rest of this entry »


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Commemorating Holy Week: Good Friday 2015


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Friday: (Mt. 26.47-56, Mk. 14. 43-52, Lk. 22.47-53, Jn. 18.2-12—Judas betrays Christ and Jesus is arrested: Jn. 18.13-14, 19-24—Jesus is brought before Annas: Mt. 26.57-68, Mk. 14.53-65—Jesus is brought before Caiaphas, the high priest and the Sanhedrin: Mt. 26.69-75, Mk. 14.66-72, Lk. 22.55-62, Jn. 18.15-18, 25-27—Peter denies Christ: Mt. 27.1-2, Mk. 15.1, Lk. 22.66-71—Jesus is tried before the Sanhedrin and is sent to Pontius Pilate: Mt. 27.3-10—Judas hangs himself: Mt. 27.11-14, Mk. 15.2-5, Lk. 23.1-7—Jesus is brought before Pilate and then sent to Herod: Lk. 23.6-12—Jesus is brought before Herod and then sent back to Pilate: Mt. 27.15-26, Mk. 15.6-15, Lk. 23.13-25, Jn. 18.28-19.16—Jesus is brought before Pilate a second time, questioned by Pilate and condemned to death: Mt. 27.27-54, Mk. 15.16-39, Lk. 23.26-49, Jn. 19.16-37—Jesus is crucified between two thieves, he is crucified around 9am and will remain on the cross six hours until 3pm when he dies.)


                We come at last to the day of execution. We call it Good Friday. Many have asked, why we would call this Friday good? How can we call the day that Jesus was horribly beaten and crucified good? It does seem an odd adjective at first. It does not seem to fit the events of that day. Perhaps we feel that others would be more appropriate, such as: Black Friday or Sad Friday or the like. Read the rest of this entry »


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