Pneumonia: The Servant of the Lord

06 Mar


For about two weeks now I have been fighting pneumonia, okay, whom am I kidding here, let me be more accurate:  pneumonia has been fighting me . . . and winning!  I am no stranger to pneumonia.  I have had pneumonia somewhere between five to ten times in my life.  As a kid I would get it so often, I instinctively knew when I had it.  In fact, one time I remember the doctor putting the xray up of my diaphragm and I pointed to the mirky cloud hovering over my left lung and exclaimed, Look Mom, I have pneumonia again!

I have tried to be productive during my time off from work.  For instance, I have started this blog, something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I have been able to catch up on some studies for future (hopefully!) sermons and teaching opportunities.  I cannot say it has been fun; but, I feel I have accomplished some things during this down time. 

There seems to be something about being sick that causes us to slow down and be a bit more introspective.  I think sometimes God puts us on our backs to make us slow down and evaluate our lives. 

I know this blog is new and as yet it doesn’t have a lot of traffic.  But, if you stumble across this blog and this post, I would love to hear from you.  Have you experienced times such as this when God made you slow down and smell the roses?  What are some lessons you have learned during these down times?  Have you noticed any patterns as to how God has worked in similar situations in your life or others?

May Christ be the light of your life.  Godspeed.


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