The Pirate Jesus!

21 Mar

rembrandt1633My three year daughter is fond of stories, especially when it is bedtime.  We know she’s stalling, but we also know stories are important; so, we allow her to win the round and we tell her stories.  Her two favorite stories, (meaning, the two stories she must hear each and every night before going to sleep), are Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  A new favorite, however, may just be the swash-buckling tale of the Pirate Jesus!  Move over Captain Jack Sparrow, there is a new Pirate in town!

Ok, I know, Jesus wasn’t a pirate.  This all came about earlier this evening when my wife had finished telling her two favorite stories.  My daughter was still fighting the urge to sleep and wanted to hear just one more story.  My wife had suggested a Jesus story earlier, but she had to have Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks!  Now, after they were finished, she just had to have a Jesus story of course.

My wife thought I would be the best option to tell this particular story.  So, I thought I would ask my daughter which Jesus story she wanted to hear.  After all, she has been attending Sunday school for quite some time now and I thought she may have a few ideas swimming around in her head.  Well, apparently she did have an idea, but where it came from is anyone’s guess!

When I asked her which Jesus story she wished to hear, she said, “Um, how bout a pirate story . . . how bout, Pirate Jesus.”  My wife retorted, “Well, he was on a boat a few times.”  And I thought, “Well, good enough for me.”  So, I proceeded to tell her the Pirate Jesus story!

I chose the episode of the disciples and Jesus on the water, when the storm arose and the disciples were afraid and they found Jesus sleeping.  As I was recounting the story, (the Pirate Jesus story!), I was telling my daughter how the rain was pouring down into their boat.  I boomed the thunder and described the lightning streaking the sky.  We rose and fell with the swells of the sea and were tossed about by the waves crashing the sides of the vessel.

It was at this point my daughter began to interject her thoughts into the story (something she is prone to do).  She said, “Oh no, I will have to blow air into their boat so they don’t sink.”  I had to explain to her their boat was made of wood (a concept she understands because of another favorite story of hers, the Three Little Pigs).  She continued to listen as I told her how Jesus spoke to the storm and it abated and all was quiet and peaceful.

I wish I could say her response was that of the disciples that day, “What sort of man is this, that even the winds and sea obey him?” (Mt. 9.27)

No, her response was a little less awe-struck in nature.  She simply asked to hear Little Red Riding Hood again!

Oh well, maybe one day!

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