Conjunctivitis, Long Eyelashes and the god of This World

27 Apr



For the past week, my one year old daughter has been suffering from conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pink eye).  My wife has taken her to the doctor twice, because it is a stubborn case of pink eye that refuses to get better.  This last round of eye drops though do seem to be doing the trick.  Both my daughters (three and one year old) inherited my long eyelashes.  (I don’t know how many times I have been told how pretty my eyelashes would look with mascara applied to them . . . and no, I have never taken up the offer to find out!)  

Long eyelashes, especially for girls, are the thing of envy.  However, when you have a persnickety case of conjunctivitis, long eyelashes work against you.  The gunk of pink eye mats the lashes together and cements the eye completely shut.  It takes effort and a warm compress to loosen the sicknesses grip and free the lids to open.

As of last night, a new development has arisen in the story.  Dear ole dad (a.k.a. me) has come down with the dreaded pink eye!  My left eye is cemented shut.  I feel like a pirate!  My right eye has a bit of the gunk in it too, but so far it has not succumbed to infection.  

I remember when I was a child I spent the night at my grandmother’s (we called her Nanny). One morning, I awoke in panic.  I was awake, but my eyes were still very much closed!  No matter how much effort I put into it, I could not open my eyes.  My eyelids were clamped shut!  I remember screaming out, I’m blind, I’m blind!  And yes, I really thought I was!  My Nanny came running in, saw the problem, warmed a facecloth and applied it to my glued shut eyelids.  Within just a few seconds my eyes were open:  I had been healed!

Long eyelashes are not always what they are cracked up to be.  

All of this got me thinking about a verse of Scripture from the Pauline epistle of 2 Corinthians.  it is 2 Cor. 4.4, In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

A case of spiritual conjunctivitis!  The enemy has blinded them, blinded their minds to the light of the gospel.  

But, praise God, their is a remedy, a healing of this condition.  When one cries out to God, as I did as a small boy to my Nanny, the balm is applied and the eyes are open to the glorious truth and light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And once he has opened your eyes, the enemy can never shut them again!

May we, as the servants of Christ, be ready with spiritual compresses and salve, to share the good news of Christ; so that, those who once were blind, then shall see!


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2 responses to “Conjunctivitis, Long Eyelashes and the god of This World

  1. Paul Danner

    April 27, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    faith comes from hearing for sure my brother.


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