Late Night Chinese and Intestinal Disruptions

17 May


I find myself awake in pre-dawn hours.  It must be the Chinese I ate so late last night.  A lethal mixture of Hot and Sour soup and House Mei Fun.  The two conspirators are doing their dastardly work.  

I am tired, but not tired enough for sleep; at least, not yet.  This will probably come just a few minutes before the blaring of the alarm clock signals its wake-up call.  The rest of the day will be spent fighting lethargy and hitting innumerable walls; crashing into exhaustion and then pulling myself back up to do the work needing done.  

Sustenance has betrayed me!  One necessity of life has robbed the other.  Refueling has out-dueled recharging; and so, I find myself awake and typing at such an ungodly time!  I have no business being up at this time.  I should be asleep in bed, beside my wife, dreaming of things I won’t remember come morning.

Instead, I have been mastered by the chemical upheavals in my bowels; this physiological tug-of-war taking place deep in the pit of my stomach.  I have succumbed to the beast within and now I am helpless in its tentacled clutches.

Its spicy attitude is ravishing my constitution, spitting out its fire and heat from the dark places of my matter.  And I, I am helpless to stop it.  I have metamorphosed into an insomniac zombie.

This too shall pass.  But, it doesn’t seem it will be anytime soon.  

To any other wanderers, who find themselves vagabonding in the wee hours of morning, because of their diet or who knows what, I say to you, journey on pilgrim, journey on gallantly.  For, night is failing and the dawn is soon to erupt in the eastern skies, rising hard and sure out of the horizon, to herald a new day.  Even so, come.   

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