Extra, Extra, Read All About It . . . A Trip to the Memphis Zoo

10 Jun


Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

Over the weekend, the Murrays took a family outing to the Memphis Zoo.  It was a nice day for a trip to the zoo, with mild temps and a nice, cool breeze blowing most of the day.  The Memphis Zoo is quite extensive and houses many exotic animals.

The three year old made several comments about seeing the wolves in the Teton Trek of the zoo.  She seemed to be drawn to them for at least two reasons.  First, her father has always had a fascination with wolves.  He even once owned two wolf-hybrids.  The second reason is she has heard so many fairy-tales which mention wolves.  The most notorious, and one she knows well, is the story of the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf.

She can tell the entire story verbatim, complete with roars, chinny-chin-chins and huffing and buffing sounds.  She was surprised to see these big, bad wolves (there were five of them) lazing around in the shade.  They were hardly as menacing as the wolf in the story.  She had always wondered where the big, bad wolf lived and now she knows.  He lives at the Memphis Zoo.

This new found knowledge seemed to be a comfort to her.  Although, she has expertly pointed out, on more than one occasion, that the big, bad wolf could not blow down her house, because it is made of bricks.  Unfortunately, some of her friends do not have this strategic advantage against the fowl breath of the pork-eating wolf.

When asked about her favorite attraction at the zoo, the youngest daughter simply pointed (which she is wont to do, at nothing in particular) and made a few grunting noises.  It would have been better, perhaps, if she could not have been reached for comment.  Although, it was noticed that her eyes lit up when she saw the giraffes.  Especially, the baby giraffe that was staring right at her only a few feet away.

The oldest daughter, who has entered the omniscient teen years, wanted to see the reptile exhibit.  Sadly, this exhibit was skipped for more fun and furry animals.  Why she wanted to see this particular exhibit is unclear.  She is terrified of snakes, and for that matter, anything else that creeps or crawls or walks outdoors.  Fortunately for her, no dogs were on display.

The Murrays gave the Memphis Zoo a big thumbs up and said they would very much like to visit it again.  So, if you get the chance, whether it is Memphis or another zoo, take the family out and see all the exotic and wild animals.  When you do, you will be sure to be thankful for fences.

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