I Like It!

01 Jul


What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

As with many things in life, I follow the age-old principal of:  it depends.  Sometimes it is something I find inspiring and uplifting.  Other times it is something I find to be challenging or convicting.  Still other times, it is thought-provoking or mentally stimulating.

It could range from something I find witty and funny to something I find thought-provoking and soul-searching.

I appreciate a range of opinions and ideas.  I follow blogs that I have much in common with and others that I have little to nothing in common.  I appreciate honest dialogue and open discussion.  I also insist on an irenic approach; both for my part and the other’s perspective.

I don’t mind challenges or differences of opinion.  I often times read things that I do not agree or agree very little.  I find it helps me in my own opinions and thought processes.  For instance, though I am a Christian, I have read extensively atheistic works.  I tend to read, what I would call, “the older atheists”.  The, so-called, “new-atheists” (i.e. recent atheistic works published in the last 5-10 years) I find to be rather lazy in their logic and approach.

I read blogs by atheists or those who are of a different faith.  I have taught logic and philosophy, as well as World Religions, so I find these types of blogs fascinating.

I like blogs on literature and history and poetry.  Of course, I appreciate Christian blogs, especially those that deal honestly with life and context.

So, I shall end as I began . . . it really depends on what the blog/post is and what mood I’m in.  For all those who post and have blogs that I read or shall read in the future, thanks for the time and the effort.

For those who read mine, as always, I appreciate your time and consideration of the content.  I also appreciate your feedback.

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