Silly Girls

04 Jul


Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Most of my laughs, these days, come from my two daughters.  The deep kind of laughter is something that happens out of the clear blue.  There are things they do or say that cause me to chuckle or give a slight laugh.  Then there are those things that cause me to lose control.

Our three-year old has quite an extensive vocabulary for her age.  Often times she will pull a word out of her hat that we didn’t even know she knew.  I remember when she first started saying, It’s okay, it was an accident.  What was especially comical about this is she would often use this phrase at times when it was obvious whatever she had just done was no accident!

I think she suffers from that mentality of, if I call it an accident (even though it was clearly intentional) it will make everything okay and I won’t be in trouble.

Our one-year old, who still does a lot of babble talk, is skilled at eye maneuvers.  She has an uncanny ability for such a young age of cutting her eyes or rolling her eyes or doing other things that I’m not sure I can adequately describe.  If she thinks I’m about to take something away from her, she will cut her eyes over at me, as if to say, Don’t even try it Daddy!  

Her speech may still be developing, but she can communicate without problem with her eyes.

At other times, it is things they do that make me laugh.  Sometimes it’s the classic, laugh to keep from crying routine.

All in all, they keep us squarely on our toes.  I am sure that as they get older, it will only get worse . . . or better, depending on how you look at it!


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