Me, a Podiatrist . . . Um, No!

24 Aug


Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

I always appreciate a good pair of shoes.  If your feet are not comfortable, you are not comfortable.  Therefore, I try to always make sure any footwear I buy is first and foremost comfortable: whether it be boots, tennis shoes, dress shoes, or even house shoes.

I also have a theory about feet.  Feet are an important part of the body.  However, I think there is a reason God put feet at the bottom of the human body.  In other words, I think feet should be practical and useful; but, not so much seen and shown off.  For this reason, I have never liked wearing sandals or flip-flops.  Any shoe that “shows” my feet, I try to avoid.  

Even around the house, I usually will be wearing either a pair of house shoes or socks to cover my feet.  I had a friend ask me one time why I never went bare-footed, I told him I thought such a thing was against one of the commandments somewhere; maybe Leviticus!  I’m not particular fond of seeing other people’s feet either.  Alas, in this day and age it is quite popular to wear feet-displaying footwear; so it is my own purgatory I suppose!

At times, my “issue” with feet may border on the neurotic.  One time, I dated a young lady while I was in seminary.  She came over to my apartment one evening to cook me a home cooked meal.  Of course, she was wearing open-toed sandals and had on this bizarre looking glittery, greenish toe polish.  After that night, I never called her again!  It does sound a little George Costanza-ish, but, what can I say!

I prefer enclosed footwear.  Footwear that fits nice and snug to the foot; and, at the same time, keeps them well hidden and out of view!  Don’t misunderstand me, I know having to go without a foot or both would be extremely difficult, and I admire those who have lost one or both and continue on with their lives.

You see, it is not that I don’t appreciate feet; it’s just I don’t have to see them to appreciate them.  I am not likely to forget they are there just because I don’t see them.

I know many people think feet are beautiful and love them.  I call these people psychotic!  No, not really, maybe just a bit unbalanced is all!  (And don’t go throwing Is. 52.7 or Rom. 10.15 at me either!  It’s called allegory, i.e. non-literal!  Or, if you want to be more specific, it is something called a synecdoche.)

As for my favorite pair of shoes, I would have to say it is a pair I have only had now for a few months.  Oh, I have quite a few pairs.  I have my dependable work boots, dress shoes (two pair of black, two pair of brown), tennis shoes (a couple of pair), house shoes to lounge around the house; but, I think my favorites would be my new Sanuk slip on casual shoes.

These are the best of both worlds; at least for me.  On one hand, they are casual and comfortable . . . no laces, no break in time, easy on and off.  On the other hand, they are enclosed; hence, they do not show my feet!  For years, almost any type of shoe that was casual was also open aired.  So, I never wore any of them.  I can literally count on probably one hand the number of times I have worn flip-flops.  I think every time was at the beach, basically out of necessity.  (I did wear the water shoes, or whatever they are called a couple of times, but I found them very uncomfortable.)

So these new Sanuk shoes are the perfect compromise for me.  Finally!  Practicality and enclosure meet in casual comfort.  What more could a guy like me want?


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7 responses to “Me, a Podiatrist . . . Um, No!

  1. mollygreye

    August 24, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Slip-on shoes are awesome. Enough said, haha!


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