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01 Sep


In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

It’s funny.  I was thinking of this movie just the other day.  I went to the IMDb website and did some reading on the movie’s page there.  It is a favorite of mine and one my wife rolls her eyes at any time it is on.  It is one of those movies that I will watch any time it is on.  She does not understand the appeal.  

I have thought about the theme of the movie quite a bit.  I remember when I was a teen, adults would be talking about wishing they could go back and relive this or that. I remember thinking, What I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes, out of school and independent.  Of course, then you get older and you see their point of view.

A friend and I discussed the whole notion of being able to go back and relive a day or week or whatever.  I remember answering I may be for it, if and only if, I would know then what I know now.  If I only knew then what I knew then . . . what would be the point?  I would probably end up making the same decisions, mistakes or otherwise, as I did the first time around.

It would be nothing more than futility.

As to the prompt specifically, I am not sure there is a particular day I would want to relive to get something right.  I’m not saying there have not been days I have gotten something(s) wrong.  There have been.  And several of them.  However, I don’t know that stopping time and reliving it over and over, a monotonous trial and error cycle, would really be the best option.

It seems to be mistakes are better lived out and learned from over the long haul.  I think that is when we learn the best and the most.  If we were able to isolate the mistake, I doubt we would be as grateful for the correction to that mistake. Sometimes consequences (which can be good or bad by the way) are the best learning tools.  Sometimes sequence, good old cause and effect, teaches us all we need to know.

I guess I prefer life to be dynamic.  I prefer to make the decisions and take the blows. Much like in the movie, Bill Murray’s character (at least for most of the scenes) finds himself in a static, repetitive, listless existence.  Of course, some of this is to be blamed on the character and his rather pronounceable flaws.  However, even the finest of characters, I would suppose, would soon find themselves becoming disenchanted and apathetic with such a baneful experience.

So, I think I prefer the mess of life too much to wish for a Groundhog Day effect.  Life is nothing if it is not gloriously messy and inescapably and perplexingly dynamic. And I would not want to trade that for any number of re-do days.


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4 responses to “Ned Ryerson . . . BING!

  1. Cinnwriter

    September 1, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more.


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