Can’t Live Without It?

07 Sep


What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Can’t is a strong word.  Come to think of it, luxury has its side-effects as well. Luxuries are a bit like beauty, they are in the eye of the beholder. For some people around the world a toothbrush would be considered a luxury. I certainly would not want to do without my toothbrush; and, more than likely, you would not want me to either!

I’m sure it will be commented on by others that there is a difference between luxuries, needs and wants. Again, subjectivity does play a part. Do I consider running water a luxury? What about hot water? Or a mattress? Or a cupboard full of food? Not to even mention what usually comes to mind with these discussions: cell phones, music devices and computers.

I would not want to go without indoor air and heating. This past winter, our central heating stopped working in our house. There for a couple of days we had no heat. Trust me, it got cold! I would not want to have to endure that everyday. Even more, I would not want to face the long dog days of summer in the deep South without AC.

I am also something of a shower fanatic. I cannot stand going without a shower for any length of time. I have been known to take multiple showers in a day. Speaking of that, one of my luxuries would be good, strong water pressure. Nothing gripes me more than to go to some hotel and have low water pressure in the shower.

It just makes me feel as though I’m not truly clean.

But, is it the case that I can’t live without any of these? Again, can’t is a strong word. I don’t know if it applies here; but, I would also say I would not want to find out.

I know the human spirit can overcome much adversity. There are plenty of tales of people facing tough situations and rising to the challenge. Character is proven in the pinch and all that. But again, it’s not something most people look forward to.

It is like that saying: let’s not and say we did! 


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