Thank You . . . A Memorial

11 Sep


The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

It has been twelve years since the terrorists attacks on the US. Twelve years since planes crashed into, not just buildings and fields, but families, lives and futures.

As I write this, I am actually in the exact spot I was twelve years ago as I watched the horror unfold on TV. I remember watching the coverage of the impact of the first plane. As I was watching, over the shoulder of the reporter, I saw a second plane. At the time, I thought it must have been a replay. It wasn’t.

Anything I could say has been said and re-said a thousand times over. I simply wanted to take time to say thank you to all the first responders out there. Thank you for what you do.

            A Remembrance . . .

Two towers, pillars on freedom’s island

Hewn monoliths of a nation’s pride,

Crashing down in a tumult of despair

Leaving in their wake, only open air.


In rubble, lament lifts her weary voice

Howling and moaning, deep in night’s shroud

Families and lives crushed by fallen steel

Agony is the void; it pains to feel.


Who watched and ran along the watchtower?

And who warned of the gathering dread?

Now all are silenced, in cement tossed tombs,

And the living ones bear the victim’s wounds.


The ziggurats have fallen, they’re no more

The gods up above have lost their steps

A tiny ball, afloat, it–lost in space

As hope disappeared; and without a trace.


Now weep, all you merry and glad of heart;

And mourn, even those who lost not one,

For none, from that day, remain who are whole

Afflicted in body, and worse in soul.


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