On My Way, But Not There Yet . . .

24 Nov


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Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at.

I suppose it depends on what I am doing at that moment! I’m sure the prompt is more in reference to one’s occupation. I’ve never been one to define myself by what I do; rather, I am who I am and I do certain things. There is no doubt that being who I am influences the things I do. It influences my passions and my wants. Because of who I am there are certain things I am drawn to and certain things I am not.

But, I don’t define myself by my occupation. What if my job changes? What if I have a professional transition? Have I suddenly changed? Am I now a different person?

That my life would have changed is true enough. Adjustments would need to be made. There would be accommodations, for which, allowances would need to be made. But, the soul of who I am would not change simply because I now carried a different job title.

Am I good at what I do? Yes. Why? Not because I am conceited or prideful about it, but because I work and study hard to be so. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am a perpetual student. Learning is, if I had to say, my one true occupation in life. Learning in my professional life, my personal life and my spiritual life (which encapsulates all others). As one has rightly said, it is faith seeking understanding.

What would I like to be better at? The very thing I am good at and the many I am not. But, I have no desire (or ability!) to be good at all things. Again, because of who I am, there are certain things I have no interest in whatsoever. It doesn’t mean I demean those things. It doesn’t mean I see no value or worth in them. It doesn’t mean I can not appreciate your merits and successes in those very things.

It simply means that every man must know his limitations. Every man must have a limit and be content in those things. This is not to say we cannot explore or push our boundaries; these things we must do, and we must do them frequently. The day we stop expanding, the day we stop exploring and wondering is the day we die. It is the day we dry up inside and become a shell of the thing we call human life.

Advancement in life is not a bad thing, but it should be done for a greater good not for its own hubris. Enlightenment, which is not some single moment of erudition; but rather, a lifetime of searching, growing, expanding, wonderment and pursuing after knowledge and wisdom.

Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk, cook and saddle maker teaches us to find and appreciate the presence of God in the mundane rigors of daily life. He prayed to be aware and in awe of God has he washed the dirty pots and pans of the monastery. Is there any doubt he lived a blessed, extra-ordinary life?

Brother Lawrence was cued in to the secret, the secret which is, (as all things tend to be), simple yet profound. Transcendence is found in the everyday, in the every-wheres and every-things, in the mundane and ordinary existence of life. In short, transcendence is found where we live, work and play. It is found in the sphere of our existence, on the plane of our lives. Where else can it be found, except where we are? How could we find it elsewhere?

But, it is a tricky thing. It does not hide, but it is not easily found. It does not deceive, but its truth can be misunderstood if we are not vigilant.

Am I good at what I do? Yes. Could I be better? Absolutely. Because there is always room to be a better me, a better creature that God created me to be. It is an ongoing process, a constantly traveling of the road that leads not to self, but to glory.


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9 responses to “On My Way, But Not There Yet . . .

  1. Mona

    November 24, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Well said.


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