Wronged . . . But, It’s All Right

21 Dec


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Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but you did it — you forgave them.

I must say, I do not feel as if I have been severely wronged by anyone. Or, if I have been, it was so long ago now I no longer remember it. I mean sure, I have had people let me down. I have had people do things that made me shake my head. But, as far as having someone doing something to the degree I felt wronged, I honestly am drawing a blank here. Maybe there is a reason for this.

Maybe, I don’t allow enough people close to me to be able to harm or wrong me. I’m not one who shares my emotions or feelings easily, so I don’t usually make myself vulnerable to that sort of thing. I think this is one of the positives (among many!) of being an introvert. I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve. I don’t blab about my moods or emotions. I don’t count a bazillion people as my friends. I have only a few friends (probably less than that!) and I am content with that. What can I say? I prefer books to people. I like peace and quiet over clamor. I like silence over sharing feelings.

I think the phrase awkward silence is oxymoronic!

So yes, if I have been wronged I have forgiven and forgot it. I do not harbor grudges or seek revenge. Let’s face it, all that would be too much effort! I am a live and let live kind of guy for the most part. I say forgive and forget is the best policy. Because, if you don’t, the only person that is suffering is yourself. And life is too short for that.

The better question may be, have I ever wronged another and they have forgiven me? I’m sure I have. I’m sure somewhere along the way, I have wronged my parents or others within my family. I’m sure somewhere along the way I have said something offensive to a friend, or been unsympathetic to a need they had or any number of other possibilities.

As a believer, as a Christ-follower, it is expected of me (even more commanded) to forgive others. Jesus makes this quite clear. I mean, just think about it, if God has so loved me, given his One and Unique Son Jesus Christ to die for me to forgive me, then who am I to hold something against someone else’s account? Yes, I am only human and sometimes you feel that temptation to seek revenge or to allow negative feelings to fester. But, again, who is really being affected by such attitudes?

I remember once, someone telling me they had forgiven me for something or the other. I remember thinking, I didn’t even know you were mad at me about anything! Furthermore, I have no idea what I did that needs to be forgiven!

I was oblivious to the whole thing. It certainly did not impact me that they were upset with me. I didn’t even realize it!

Obviously, there are degrees of being wronged. It is one level to have a friend lie to you about some little thing and it is quite another to have your spouse have an affair. I understand that.

I guess I have been blessed in my life not to have any major grievances committed against me. That’s not to say it will not happen eventually; perhaps it will.

So, let me just give a blanket, but heartfelt notice: to anyone out there who reads this, who may have wronged me in the past, I forgive you. Don’t sweat it. Now, let’s move on.

There, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

All this talk of emotions and feelings has me feeling like I need a good, long shower!

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