My Own Little World

23 Dec


Photo by calgrin on Morgue File.

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

My own planet? I have enough trouble keeping up with what’s in my bedroom, let alone an entire globe! I’m not sure having my own planet is much of an attraction to me. It may be to some, but I think it would be too much of a hassle. Of course, in a real sense, I do have my own little world to which I retreat from time to time. My wife, in fact, tells me I spend far too much time there! But an entire planet? I don’t know that I would need that much space! However, if I could design my own planet I may have a few things in mind.

First and foremost would be the seasons. I am a fall and winter guy. Therefore, the majority of the year would be autumn and winter weather. Now, as far as that goes, I think I would prefer having an even number of months; let’s say ten. Each month would have the same amount of days in it, say thirty-five. So, each year would consist of 350 days.

Out of the ten months, four would be fall, three would be winter, two would be spring, and one month would be summer. And, each season would in fact be seasonal. Meaning, fall would feel like autumn . . . no 90 degree autumn days. Winter would be nice and cold, though it would not have to be unbearable the whole time. Temps would be somewhere around the thirties or forties. And there should be at least three to four good snows during the winter months.

Summer would be nice and warm, but not excruciatingly hot. Thus, no 100 degree or above days. The hottest days would be 90 degrees with low humidity. Now that I think about it, there would be a natural law that the humidity could be no more than 30 percent at any time.

There would be majestic views all over the world. Big blue roaring seas. High and lofty mountain peaks. Dazzling colors at sunset and dawn.

As for the inhabitants? Besides me? Well, maybe we could populate it with lots of mythical types of folk. How about a sort of Middle Earth. A world filled with elves and dwarves and white cities and shires? Maybe we could throw in a little Narnia too and have an Aslan roaming the hillsides.

Well, I don’t know, this doesn’t seem like too bad of a start. I’m sure there is much more I could come up with if I had the time. It would not be a Utopian existence though. No reason to mess it all up with such perfection!

Of course, as much as I love creativity, more of my energy should be directed at the actual world in which I live. I should be more cognizant of making this world a better place.

But, every now and then, it is nice to allow one’s imagination run wild.

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