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02 Jan


Photo by Alvimann on Morgue File.

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

I only started blogging last March, so I have yet to be at this for an entire year. My goal over the past few months has been to get to March, have a year of blogging under my belt and see where things stand. I have enjoyed the endeavor thus far. There have been lulls throughout this past year where I have not been able to consistently post. However, I think I have done a fair job at it for much of the time.

Starting a blog is something I had thought about doing before, but never took the plunge. It has been rewarding overall. I have met and interacted with many people, most of whom have been instructive and encouraging, and I have learned some blogging lessons along the way. It is hard work. It takes dedication and time. I do not mind that aspect of it, but it is something you have to allow for when doing this.

This next year I would simply like to see things to continue to progress as they have. I have been mulling over some ideas about changes or tweaks that I could make to the blog. For the most part, I just hope to be able to continue posting and having people to read it! I always enjoy comments, as that would seem to indicate people are actually reading what is being written! I also am looking forward to what my fellow bloggers will post in the upcoming months, as I follow their blogs.

I started the blog and named it what I did, so I could be free in what topics I discussed and what sort of posts I posted. I have enjoyed that format for the most part. Again, I may tweak some things as the year progresses; but we shall see on that.

The biggest part of it for me is being able to channel my imagination and creativity into something that is worthwhile. I have always written various things (stories, poems, essays, etc.) but have usually kept them bound up in notebooks for my eyes only. Anytime you publish something, whether a book or a blog, you open yourself to the prying eyes of others. In some sense, you allow them to take a peak or two inside; into your mind and heart. This is always a bit of a scary proposition, but one that has to be met.

Well, that is about it I suppose.

I pray God will use this blog and the talents he has given me to bring glory to his Son, my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray each of you have a blessed new year. I look forward to sharing with you and having you share with me. God bless.

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