Quirk Away!

12 Jan


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Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Quirks are what make us individuals, right? And yes, they can be annoying! We may call them quirks. We may call them idiosyncrasies. We may call them odd. Whatever we may wish to call them, the truth remains, everyone has them. The question is does others quirks annoy you more than your own or vice versa? I have heard of accounts where a person will have several quirks and will feel compelled to do them any number of times; getting to the point that it exasperates them to do them, but they feel they have to do them.

I made a post some time ago dealing with pet peeves! It was a playful posting and you can read it HERE.

I have some quirks. I have had others through the years that I basically made myself stop doing. I made myself stop it, because like the poor souls I just referenced, I did not want the quirks to become a hassle of life. Of course, stopping quirky habits is very difficult; but, I have learned, not impossible.

My four-year old daughter has a quirk she does, especially when she gets nervous or even frustrated. When in an agitated state, she will pinch the front of her neck. We tell her not to pinch her neck and attempt to calm her down so that the quirky behavior passes.

My father, for as long as I’ve known him, has a quirk where he feels compelled (I think often subconsciously) to touch objects with his little finger, his pinky finger. Our family calls his habit pinkying. It is a bit odd I suppose. Unlike my four-year daughter, I am not sure of the rhyme or reason to it: or, even if it has a rhyme or reason.

I know of a gentleman, when you are speaking to him on the phone, it will take him, literally, three to five minutes to say anything remotely coherent. It takes at least that long to get one complete sentence out of him! Most of the time is spent listening to him making unintelligible noises, grunts and gulps with his throat. It becomes quite comical after a while!

My wife has a few quirks of her own as well, but in the name of sanity and peace, I had best just move on from that!

As for my own, I have a quirk where I feel the need to count to fifteen. I suppose fifteen is my favorite number. I was born on the fifteenth of October; so, perhaps this is where that comes from. I have always liked products of five. I do not count by ones to fifteen though, that would take too long! I usually just count by fives: five, ten and fifteen. I do not really know of any rhyme or reason to this either. I do not do it everyday, at least I do not think, and I have never discerned any pattern to it.

One other quirk I have had for years, is putting pressure with my finger between my eyes, right at the top of my nose. It is right where there is an indention where the top of the nose meets the brow. Again, I have no idea why I do it. I know of no association, like my birthday with the number fifteen.

One other quirk I should mention, since my four-year daughter just commented on it, is I have a habit of shaking my legs when I am seated. I am sitting at the dining room table typing this and she is at the other end of the table eating her cereal. She looked up at me and said, Daddy, why is the table shaking?! I realized it was because I was moving my legs. It was causing the table to shake. Of course, I had not even noticed it! I know I do it a lot. I have had countless people point it out to me. Sometimes I notice it myself, but many times I am not even aware I am doing it. In fact, my wife says I move my feet while I am in bed . . . needless to say, this annoys her!

Well, I have a few others, but no need in beating a dead horse!

Like I said in the beginning, these quirks, or agitations if you insist!, are what makes us individuals. I mean just imagine a world where everyone acted exactly the same! Where everyone had the same quirks or habits. Wouldn’t that be a boring place! Some of these quirks, like my daughter pinching her neck or my affinity for the number fifteen for my birthday, may have some rhyme or reason to them; others, however, may seem to have no pattern at all. I am sure a psychologist could ascertain some meaning behind all of them, given enough therapy sessions!

Short of a padded couch, I will just leave the majority of them to mystery. After all, life is more interesting that way!

What do you think?


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14 responses to “Quirk Away!

  1. Beth Murray

    January 13, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Let me start by saying there is no couch in my psych’s office, only chairs. Let me mention that you also tap the plate with your fork before you take a bite of food.


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