The Golden Globes and Being Alright, Alright Alright!

13 Jan


Photo by jeltovski on Morgue File.

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

It has been a busy day. I am just now getting a chance to write in response to this prompt. However, I checked out earlier and went ahead and pulled up the third leading story on their homepage. Here is the headline (it is a bit lengthy!): Why McConaughey is Alright, Alright Alright, and Other Golden Globes Mysteries Solved.

Now, I must preface the following with this, I did not watch the Golden Globes last night. In fact, I could not tell you the last time I have watched the Golden Globes. No, I am not against movies or actors/actresses per se (though I do think their pay is grossly extravagant, but that is another story for another day!), but I just never have cared much for such awards shows. I have watched the Oscars a few times and the Grammy awards a time or two, but it is not something I set my DVR to record.

Really and truly, I find it all a bit silly. I think, even if I were an actor, I would skip the whole affair. I believe I remember Anthony Hopkins saying something to the effect that he rarely attends them. He finds it all too showy. I concur with Sir Hopkins.

I am sure the movies that were recognized and awarded were good films (at least most of them). I am sure the actors and actresses who were nominated and won did phenomenal performances. I am sure the directors directed artfully, the producers produced with flare, the screenplay writers screenplayed their pants off!

I don’t know, maybe I am just being grumpy. I do appreciate CNN’s recent heralding of everyday heroes that it has begun doing annually. Now there is something worthwhile.

Again, I am not against actors and actresses, I do enjoy movies; but, I appreciate those who do it more for the craft and art of it. It is much like athletes now, they get paid such outrageous salaries that the money seems to spoil it really. Again, maybe I am being a big grump!

It is just that the people who really deserve recognition and a spotlight or two, never seem to get it. I mean, why not have a gala or a soirée for teachers, law enforcement, fire fighters, military, chaplains, iron workers, carpenters, etc? Why not honor those who contribute meaningfully to culture and society. Do actors/actresses do this? They can, yes. I am not against recognizing their great performances or celebrating inspiring films; but, do we have to go overboard all the time with it? And do we have to pay them the equivalent of some third-world countries budgets?

Okay, I admit it, I am grumpy!

Well, if you have not yet seen some of these fine examples of film, be sure to check them out soon! I am sure they are top-notch and will contribute mightily to your life and good fortune! Or at least, they will cost you a small fortune to see; by the time you pay for the ticket, the popcorn, soda and candy! But hey, someone has to foot the bill of their salaries!


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