My Better Half . . . No, Really!

18 Jan


Photo by EmmiP on Morgue File.

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Technically, the first person I encountered today (it is just past 7 am as I write this) was my wife after midnight. She got the girls to sleep and we decided to catch up on one of our TV shows we watch together; we had it recorded on the DVR for several days, but had found no time to sit down and watch it together. We stole the time, once the girls were in bed, late last night. 

We both ended up with a bit of insomnia, so we watched a movie that was on late and took us past midnight. Our moments “together”, with three daughters, two of whom are below the age of five, is scarce nowadays. We try to squeeze it in anytime we can.

So, what should I tell about her?

My wife and I have known each other practically our entire lives. We grew up in the same hometown, attended the same school (I was two grades ahead of her) and were members of the same church.

The first memory I have of her is when she was a young girl. We were in church, one Sunday morning I think, and she was up on the stage singing a song, with other kids. She had a solo part and was very nervous about it. (I have found out in the years since that this solo was actually someone else’s part, but she was absent, so they chose my wife to do it at the last moment.)

Now, my wife has an amazing voice. It is a beautiful voice; rich, soulful and commanding. She has always had this voice, but when she was a child that Sunday on the stage, singing a last-minute solo, she did not have the confidence and experience she has now. I said earlier she was nervous, that is a bit of an understatement, terrified may be a better way to describe her emotional state that day!

She sang the song and, according to her, she got a few of the words wrong or something. I remember sitting there watching her sing, I think she was wearing a white dress, and I could tell she was becoming upset. As soon as the song had ended, she ran down the stage steps to her parents crying! I remember looking up at my mother, sitting next to me in the pew, and asking her who in the world that little girl was and why was she crying?!

Well, a lot of history between her and I has followed since. We dated off and on, off and on, off and on, off and on, off and . . . well, you get the point! We first started going steady when she was in fifth grade and I in seventh, I think. Through our teens we dated. We dated into our twenties and beyond. Some people referred to us as a soap opera!

We eventually went our separate ways, as much as you can being from the same small town, for a few years. Long story short, we reconnected when I was in my early thirties. I was about to move up to Massachusetts to attend school to earn my post-graduate degree. I was there for two semesters, during the first we got engaged, and I graduated in May. About a month later, on June 10th, we were married . . . finally! At the end of the ceremony, my wife had chosen to play a recording of a song that sang, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

This June we will have been married eight years. We have three daughters, the oldest (my step-daughter) turned fifteen in December and just got her driver’s permit! The second turned four-years old in December and the youngest turns two in February.

My wife and I obviously have many memories together. We have lived quite a lifetime already.

My wife is a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate person. She can be soft and gentle or strong and fiery.

We are proof of the old adage, opposites attract. She is an extrovert, I am an introvert. She likes to plan things out, I don’t. She is outgoing, talkative, emotional and a true friend.

She is my wife and my friend and I love her very much.

Okay, I will spare you guys of all the mushy details!

I do want to end this post by saying, I am so thankful to God for the family with which he has blessed me. I thank him for our home, our health and the provisions he gives to us. I do not take it lightly.


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17 responses to “My Better Half . . . No, Really!

  1. Claudia H. Blanton

    January 18, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I am happy for your great partnership you seem to have. I hope she reads your posts. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Beth Murray

    January 18, 2014 at 10:37 am

    An autobiography of the life and times of Timothy and wife will come to your bookstores or kindles soon. The story is very romantic, very not so romantic, so on and so forth. For those of us who had a front seat to the whole thing and felt they were meant to be together, grew tired from the ups and downs it will be a very lovely story one day. First he needs to write it!!

  3. loisajay

    January 18, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


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