Time and Time Again . . . But, There Never Seems to be Enough

27 Jan


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Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

Last week was actually a very productive week for me. I was able to get many things done at work. As I am sure you could attest from experience, sometimes things at work tend to hit snags or bumps along the way. Sometimes those tasks or jobs you thought would be done in a flash, end up taking far more time. But, last week (knock on wood!) everything went smoothly. Every job was about what I thought it would be; a couple were even easier than I thought, which is always a blessing! 

In other news, last week was productive as well. I was able to post daily on my blog, which is something I try to do. It makes it a lot easier when things in other parts of my life are running smoothly!

My family and I had some quality time together through the week and over the weekend. I was able to get some of my studying done for my studies I am leading. I am ahead of schedule on most of that.

As far as things that hold me back, typically it would be one of three things: first, as mentioned already, things that do not go as you think they will, costing you time and money; second, myself . . . sometimes I just do not do the things I need to do for a variety of reasons; and third, time . . . it’s the old adage, there never seems to be enough of it. Some days it feels as if there are extra hours in the day; but, most days feel as if there is a shortage.

Now, in many cases, there is a good chance that a component of number three is number two. I am sure many people feel as though time management is an elusive proposition. There are times when you feel you have really nailed it; then, there are those other times when you feel as though you do not have a clue!

But, time, whether it is because we waste more than we should, or that we have far too many things we are trying to juggle at once, or whatever else, is a thing that will not slow down for any of us. I have often times thought how great it would be to have a pause button, akin to those Staple commercials and their “easy button”, that you could press and time would stand still for a while. That would be great! Or maybe a button that would allow you to slow time down a bit, allowing you to get everything done you need to get done.

Of course, no such buttons exist (if you invent one, be sure I receive some royalties!), so we have to make do with what we have.

In many cases, we may find that we are simply trying to do too much. We are spreading ourselves thin. There are times in life that may force us into such a situation, but they should not be the norm. As one person, there is only so much you can do. And time, while there is a lot of it, is the one thing you can not control or get back.

It would be better to do fewer things and do them well, with time to spare; then a lot of things, haphazardly, constantly running short or out of time.

But, this is life I suppose. Part of living and learning is learning to prioritize what is important, what is central to our lives and what is tertiary, or secondary. It is not always as easy as it may sound; however, it is vital that we do it.

As a Christian, I believe that time, like all things in my life, is a gift from God. Therefore, I am to be a good and capable steward of that which God has blessed me. Many times we think of only finances in this regard, but the bible is clear that it applies to every aspect of life. I firmly believe God has given us the time (and in many cases, more than enough) to accomplish what we need to do. The question is, are we good stewards of that gift? Do we appreciate his grace in this matter the way we should? Or do we presume upon that grace by being unthankful for it or careless in how we handle it?

In the end, this is as much part of our call to be disciples of Christ as the rest of it. It does not mean we have to be busy all the time. It does not mean we cannot have times of rest or peace. It does not mean we cannot have times of play and entertainment. It just means we should remember that what time we have is a gift of God; and ultimately, it belongs to him, not us.

So, hopefully this week will run very much like the last; but, if life has taught me anything, I would not count on it!


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