The Miracle Laundry Dynamo!

07 Feb


Photo by cohdra on Morgue File.

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Well, per my post in response to yesterday’s daily prompt, read HERE, I would have to say I would invent a machine that did all your laundry, fuss free.

All the washing, the drying, the folding, the sorting; and yes, even matching up each and every pair of socks!

All you would have to do is kick back and relax and let the Laundry Dynamo (a working name) do all the work for you. Just think, no more late night folding sessions on the couch while you watch your recorded sitcoms. No more Saturday mornings, waking early to see a mound of clothes, soon to rival Everest, waiting for your tired attention.

No more fussing over detergent and fabric softener or wrinkled khakis.

All of this, with just one touch of the Wash and Load, Piping Hot Drying, Sorting and Folding Extravaganza Multi-Purpose Laundry Machine (a new working name!) without one bead of sweat from your own brow.

Well, it would be nice.


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