Which Wishes Would I Wish, If I Had Wishes to Wish?

13 Feb


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Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

I suppose making one of my wishes a wish for an infinite amount of wishes is against the rules!

If I had three wishes, and I wanted to be assonant, how about: health, wealth and stealth. These three probably sum up many people’s desires. Who does not want to be healthy? Or, at least, wish good health for their children. Who would not mind wealth, even if they already have it? And, as for the last one, it would solve the dilemma of being wealthy, but still maintaining one’s privacy. It would be a cornucopia of gobbly goodness!

If I had three wishes, and I wanted to alliterate them, how about: sanity, savings and safety. Just a tweak of the first triad, now thinking more of mental health than physical health. I still have the wish for the almighty dollar with savings; and, I have thought of preserving my life, or my family’s, with wishing for safety. After all, many feel insecure in the world we live and guaranteed safety would hit the spot.

If I had three wishes, and I wanted to be egotistical, how about: power, prestige and mega-millions. Now, I can have all I want, and, at the same time, control others as well. I could rule like a king, summoning my minions to do my will. I could be benevolent, if I so chose; or, I could rule with an iron fist. I could grab and take and then grab and take some more!

If I had three wishes, and I wanted to be a humanitarian, how about: world peace, cure for all diseases and the end of world hunger. Now, I would be considered the most selfless of, perhaps, any human being who ever lived. I would be heralded for my humility and my concern for others. And, of course, I would rid the world of the great plagues. Though, I doubt, it would solve all the world’s problems.

If I had three wishes, and I wanted to be, well, just really out there, how about: the creation of my own inhabitable world, a tree whose sap was sweet tea and a castle in my own backyard. Why would I possibly wish for any of these? Well, I did say it was out there! But, once again, if I had my own world, then I could do what I wanted. If I had a tree that produced sweet tea, well, what can I say, I’m a southerner! As for the last, who has not, at least once in their life, wanted their own personal, private castle?

While having three unlimited wishes would be an amazing proposition, I wonder how I would really treat them?

Even in my playful scenarios above, it is clear that such things could be easily manipulated and used for one’s own selfishness and greed. I mean, it is not as if we have not seen it before. Every dictator or totalitarian despot has ruled as if they had all the wishes. They live their lives as if they have the genie in the bottle. Everyone and everything else exists only for their amusement or pleasure: and that pleasure may be in their sport or in their death. All that matters is them and their wishes, their desires . . . everyone else is collateral, a means to an end.

I am sure there are those with good souls amongst us, who would put the needs of others above their own. Those who would wish for peace or the end of suffering or hunger. Perhaps, there are a few of those sorts rummaging around out there.

While I do not have a genie in the bottle, I do serve a God who has promised to meet my needs. The problem I often times have, however, is distinguishing my needs from my wants! Sometimes God has to prune those mistaken needs (which are really wants) from me and my wishes. It helps me to see more clearly and to be thankful for God’s provision.

No, God has not promised me unlimited wishes, nor has he promised to be at my beck and call. He has promised to attend to my heartfelt prayers and sincere requests. In the end, God is far better than a genie ever could be.


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