A Student’s Confession (A Poem)

02 Apr


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Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

Math! Math! No please, I’d rather take a bath!

Numbers and signs are hard on my mind.

Integers and equations cause me such frustration.

Positive or negative it makes my mood volative.

Less than or equal it is torturously medieval!

Math! No, please no, can’t I instead take a bath?


English? English you say? No thank you, not today!

Nouns and verbs, my mental health do disturb.

Parsing and syntax all stress me to the max.

Prepositions, put me in a sour disposition.

Participles: active or passive, cause a headache‚ąímassive!

English? Grammar you say? No thank you, not on any day.


Science, oh it is a bore! Can’t you hear me snore?

Physics and motion, I’d rather be at the ocean.

Tectonic plates and rocks, I’d rather have chicken pox!

Chemistry and astronomy, why can’t I just watch TV?

Geology and oceanography? Oh, lucky, lucky me!

Science, oh it’s such a chore! I’ll just pitch a fit on the floor!


Reading? No not reading! I can feel my brain already bleeding!

All those words, words, words, they really are for the birds.

Poetry with its rhymes, is such a laborious waste of time.

Yes, I’ve heard of the Bard, but it’s just simply too hard!

And what of Tennyson and Shelly? My brain is mush as jelly!

Reading? No please no reading, please and please, I’m pleading!


Government? Seriously? That’s what you want me to study?

Civics and polity, that is what you have to offer me?

Senators, branches and houses? I don’t care what he espouses!

Votes and elections, these hold none of my affections.

Gerrymandering and vetoes? Who really cares to know?

Government? Are you kidding me? I’d rather eat a big bowl of broccoli!


Subjects, yes one and all; each to me has a flaw,

Why can’t we study, things that are interesting to me?

Why not study video games, instead of subjects that are lame?

Why not read about sports, something nice and short?

Why not a class on ice cream, that would make my intellect beam!

Subjects, boring one and all; except PE and break, these are a ball!


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