Green All Over (A Poem)

04 Apr


Photo by cheriedurbin on Morgue File.

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

Mine! Mine! the selfish mantra of a child,

Such jealous frenzy drives them madly wild.

It distorts even the mildest of kinds

Such me-first envy makes them wholly blind.

For all things, whether a toy in hand or on the ground,

Is claimed by the possessive Mine, heard by all around.

Faces red with envy, a fire ignites, burning the flesh,

Anger, stomping feet, demands what is theirs and all the rest.

But no, children are not the only ones who play such a game,

Adults, they are guilty too, yes even more, of much the same.

Tantrums and fits know no limits or age,

They know no shortage of hours or days;

They care not for decorum nor of grace,

They have no decency, no not a trace.

For all are prone to the lure of this monster most green,

All may fall victim to his selfish cunning and schemes.

It boils from below and rises to the top of the head,

We feel it in our noses and in fiery words we said.

A hulk: a monstrosity of size and shape, grows from our frame,

Whose acts and temper, and bullying shouts, ought to bring us shame.

But, we feel as though we’re deserving our little swing of moods,

We are right to treat others unpleasantly: harsh, ill and rude.

For it is all about me and what I deem to be mine,

It is for you to accept, and worship me at my shrine.

Jealousy is maniacal, a glutton at end,

It cares nothing of others, no, and has not a friend.

It will take and twist you upon yourself,

And leave you all alone, with no one else.

So in the end, you become just like it,

Alone and selfish, with your rants and fits.



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