Commemorating Holy Week: Wednesday

16 Apr


Photo by Scarletina on Morgue File.

Wednesday: (Lk. 21. 37-38—Jesus continues teaching daily in the Temple: Mt. 26.3-5, Mk. 14.1-2, Lk. 22.1-2—The Jewish religious leaders plot to kill Jesus: Mt. 26.14-16, Mk. 14.10-11, Lk. 22.3-6—Judas is possessed of Satan and betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.)


We are not given any details as to what Jesus taught on this day. We are told he did teach, but no specific words are attributed to him on this day. This is the day that Judas Iscariot makes a deal with the religious leaders to betray Jesus. The price is settled for the betrayal at thirty pieces of silver. As far as Jesus himself, however, we are not told any specifics about what he said. What we are told of Jesus’ activities on this day is the following:

And every day he was teaching in the temple, but at night he went out and lodged on the mount called Olivet. And early in the morning all the people came to him in the temple to hear him.

It is impossible for me to imagine what must be going through Jesus’ mind. Here he is, knowing of Judas’ betrayal—knowing that in the matter of a couple of days he would be arrested and crucified; and yet, here he is carrying on as he normally does.

This is not a man lost in his work. It is not a man keeping his mind busy so as not to think of what is ahead. No, Jesus is facing his future by doing what he was sent to do: proclaiming the gospel to all who would hear. Even in his final days, he is busy about the Father’s business.

I cannot even imagine what those nights must have been like for Christ. It had come down to this, the last week of his life. What prayers he must have prayed as he looked up into the night sky on the Mount of Olives. What thoughts must have raced through his mind.  He, the Lamb of God, was preparing himself for the sacrifice he was soon to make.

If ever there was cause for him to be selfish. If ever there was reason for him to retreat from the people and turn them away, so he could be alone with his thoughts . . . now was the time. Who would blame him? But, that is not what he did. Instead, he taught and he welcomed the people to come and hear him.


How do you feel as you take these last steps with Christ? Are you busy about your Father’s business as Christ was? We, who take so much for granted, who find the least of excuses not to be obedient to the will of God, could learn so much from Christ’s example. In the face of such stress, Christ was active ministering to the people. In the face of his own death, he was busy about his Father’s work. Here he is continuing to preach and teach the gospel, the good news.

For even in these darkest moments of his life, Jesus still understood perfectly that it was good news. All the suffering he would endure would be to the glory of the Father and the salvation of all those who would believe.

Is the gospel as fresh on your lips? Does the gospel so move you that you cannot help but proclaim it? You are called to be his voice, his hands and feet in this world. By the equipping of the Holy Spirit, you are called to be his ambassador. Does your obedience depend on the situations in your life; or, is your obedience grounded in his worthiness and kingship? Are you busy about the Father’s business? Are you busy proclaiming the gospel, so others can hear and enter the kingdom of God?


Oh Father, help me to follow the model of my Savior. Help me to be ever busy about your business, seeking to do your will. Help me, O God, to be faithful through any and all circumstances of life. May I be faithful in good and bad times, in thick or thin, in want and plenty. Help me Father, to do as Christ did, daily to be obedient to your call and will. Help me to daily seek your kingdom and righteousness and trust you to supply the needs of my life. Even as Christ, help me to live and give sacrificially, so that your glory would be witnessed by those around me. Thank you, O God, for your great love for me. Thank you for the gift of your precious Son, my Lord and my God, in whose name I pray, Amen.


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