A Trip to the Dentist to Battle Sugar Bugs!

15 May


Photo by cohdra on Morgue File.

My wife took our four-year old daughter to the dentist yesterday to have a cavity filled. We were certain this would be an epic meltdown for our daughter. The procedure had been scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but some other things came up and we were not able to keep the appointment at that time. But yesterday, the time had come to face the music.

Our daughter did amazingly well at her checkup a few weeks ago. We were even worried about that visit, thinking she might freak out and scream and cry; but, to her credit, she did not. As she said of herself, I was brave. She let them poke and prod around in her mouth without so much as a whimper!

Then, my wife got the bad news. They had found two cavities. Oh boy! We had escaped the embarrassment of a traumatic dentist visit this go around, but the next time . . . when they would be drilling and filling . . . we knew it would be Armageddon!

I was, conveniently, out-of-town yesterday. So, my wife took her to the dentist. I’m sure there were quite a few pep talks along the way. My wife text me, telling me she was headed straight for the Apocalypse! She made sure to request that I pray for the encounter! I did so. I prayed that our daughter would, once again, under even more stressful conditions, be brave. I prayed the procedure would be successful and rather pain-free. I prayed that our daughter would do a minimal amount of screaming and crying and bucking and fighting! I was envisioning something of a scene from the Exorcist in the dentist’s chair!

But, once again, our daughter surprised us. My wife called me and said she made it through with flying colors! She didn’t scream or cry or fuss or fight . . . not a single time! The procedure was done in less than fifteen minutes. The staff was so proud of her they allowed her to get two prizes instead of the customary one!

It is still hard for me to believe it as I am typing it!

They only did one cavity this time. The second will be done in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

When my wife called to share with me the good news and her relief that everything went so well, we both knew it was an answer to our prayers. I really have no other way to explain how our daughter sat so calmly in a dentist’s chair and allowed them to drill and fill a cavity, without so much as a scream or whimper. Yes, they gave her a bit of gas (which is always great!) and a shot, which should have brought out at least one moan or shriek, but it did not.

I can only explain it by saying God heard and honored the prayers of two frightful, nervous parents! I am glad it all went so well. I am glad they were able to do the work that needed to be done. I am glad my daughter was not frightened or scared. I am glad my wife had a rather pleasant trip after all (though, she was told she has a cavity that needs filling too!).

For our daughters, we call cavities sugar-bugs. We tell them every morning to be sure to brush (and we brush their teeth to make sure as well) that they get all the sugar-bugs out!

I know in the large scheme of things, this is relatively minor. It is not a testimony of a loved one being cured of cancer or a person in a dire financial situation finally landing a job; but, as parents, it still matters to us.

Miracles do not only take the form of seas being parted, diseases being healed or the dead being raised; no, sometimes they are in the form of a four-year old being brave while a dentist drills out her sugar-bugs! Miracles, you see, come in all shapes and sizes. And, when you really think about it, for a four-year old, sitting calmly in a dentist chair (something many adults find difficult to do!) is really a rather large miracle, proportionally speaking!

So, I am thankful that God hears our prayers and grants our requests in his good favor and will. I am thankful that there is nothing too small to bring to him. I am thankful he is ever attentive to our needs and concerns.

These small things, help us to remember his faithfulness and goodness when the big things come knocking.

It is up to us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God. It is our charge to hide these things in our hearts and to trust him.

It may seem like a rather small, trivial thing; but answered prayers and miracles are never so.

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