Heading in the Right Direction . . . More or Less

20 May


Photo by lorettaflame on Morgue File.

Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?

I am not one to make resolutions or grand overt promises to myself. I figure why set myself up for needless disappointment? I tend just to aim for a general vicinity and, if I am in that vague location, I have been successful! The devil they say is in the details and so too, it seems to me, is the disappointment. 

I like to take it a step at a time. Just point me in the right direction, fill my tank up with gas and let me put my foot to the pedal. No, I am not much for using cruise control, I do not feel I have adequate control when it is at the helm. I will literally drive until my leg is aching, pull over and stretch a bit and then resume my trip with my foot firmly on the accelerator.

Perhaps, it is best to say I like notions rather than particulars, ideas rather than plans, big pictures rather than laborious, stuffy details. I do not need a map with every street, road, avenue, boulevard, interstate, intrastate, route and path on it. Give me a map with two big dots on it: one marking where I am now and the other where I am headed and I have all the info I need.

Now, I know for some of you this may sound a bit perplexing if not altogether absurd. Lest you think I have been dipping too liberally into the thoughts of Camus, let me assure you, while I can be somewhat absurd for any indefinite amount of unqualified time; I am not always so. I like to look at the red and blue lines on a map and study the legend as much as the next amateur cartographer. But, I tend to do it more for enjoyment and to point out how silly and what a fuss it is to make much ado about nothing! I mean all those silly detail-oriented people counting their miles and distances, summing up the cost of gas and food and coming out to an exact, to the penny total! Talk about absurd!

Okay, okay Miss Voice of Reason, I admit sometimes my way of doing things can be, let us just say, chaotic. It is not always the best laid plans of mice nor men, this I admit with some reluctance. I feel the weakness is not so much in the approach, but rather our insufficiency to see it through.

Yes, I will, though grudgingly, admit that details are needed. I understand they have their place in this crazy world. It is just, when people are going on and on about details, I get rather antsy. I am ready to go. Let us rush into the fray and see what vile thing awaits us! But, on second thought, this may not be very prudent!

I do like knowing my options, but as long as I know the options, I feel as though I have all the details I need.

What was this prompt about again? Oh yes, promises I have made to myself. Well, I tend to keep my promises vague, I have found they are easier to achieve that way! It is like a good game of horseshoes or tossing hand-grenades . . . close enough wins!

In all seriousness, I do have goals and plans. I have to bend my will toward these sorts of things. I am far more prone to see the big picture and not the particulars. As I have said in another post, I cannot see the trees for the forest.

Time will tell how much or how well I achieve my goals and keep my promises. I tend to make them on a scale. Some are smaller and a bit easier to manage; while others are larger and more difficult and lofty.

In the end, I trust in Christ to guide me in the way he would have me to go. Yes, I have a responsibility to be just that: responsible. I am called to be diligent about the things he has commanded of me. I am to seek him on a daily basis. I am to feast on his word as it nourishes my soul. I am to seek his wisdom for insight and direction. I am to daily submit to his Lordship, renouncing my self-divine tendencies and trusting in his work within me. I am to be controlled and led by the Holy Spirit as he works redemptively in and through me.

Does this mean I will never experience failure, hardships or difficult times? Of course not. But, it does mean I do not face those times alone. Failure is a great teacher. It is one, though we would rather avoid, teaches us humility and perspective.

As one person has said, if you have not failed at something, you are not trying.


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