Traveling Through Time at 88 MPH!

21 May


Photo by Alvimann on Morgue File.

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets. We live in a gadgetized world. Everywhere you look it’s gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. I am old enough, (I hate the way that sounds!), to remember a world and a life without all these newfangled electronic gadgets. I can remember a time when the only gadget I would think of had an Inspector in front of it!

Yet, here we are in this brave new gadget swamped world. I have my smart phone, which most days I would just soon trash and go back to a simple dial-and-call phone. For several years I bucked against the trend. I kept my simple cell without all the bells and whistles. I would go into stores looking for a new phone and while being shown the newest and best smart phones, I would kindly ask the salesperson, Yes, but don’t you have a regular phone?!

Well, I eventually gave in or moved up or sold out, however you want to look at it.

I still find myself writing notes with pen and paper. My wife will sometimes remind me that I have an app for that. Yes, yes I know I have an app for that! But, I prefer the old-fashioned way!

If I were to buy one of the gadgets listed in the prompt, I think I would opt for the time machine. I am sure it will be a popular choice for many. I love history. I would love to be able to jump in a winged-door DeLorean and take off at 88 mph and soar back into the past!

It really would not matter to me where I went or when I went. I love ancient Near Eastern history, though it did tend to be rather violent. I would love to travel back to Greece and see Alexander marching through with his army. Or, head back to Rome and see the Empire in its full glory. I also like Medieval history, so perhaps I could jump back and carry on a lively conversation with a serf or two.

There are so many options . . . England during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, maybe catch a Shakespearean play; the Old West and gallop alongside a few cowboys; the roaring 20’s and dance a jig; the 60’s and go see Dylan in the village.

Yes, I do think a time machine would fit me perfectly.

Of course, as a Christian, I would love to go back to the time of Christ and see and hear him. Well, part of me would anyway. The other part of me wonders how fearful it would be to have the Son of God look you eye to eye and face to face?! In some ways, I think this would be a chilling experience. Here is a man who knows everything . . . literally everything about me and I have the gall to look him in the face?

Yet, the other part of me would find it too tempting not to do it. Just to hear his voice, to see him walking about the dusty lanes of Bethany or Capernaum, to see him sitting on the mount teaching about the kingdom of God, to see him touch a leper and the disease vanish from sight, what a sight all this would be.

Minus a time machine, I am left with faith. Faith in the One who did all those things some two-thousand years ago. Faith knowing that one day my faith shall become sight. One day I shall see him face to face. What a day that will be! Excitement and dread all mixed together equaling a euphoric feeling.

Not only that, but when I do see him I will be changed forever. As a Christ-follower, I have been bought by his blood and sealed by his Holy Spirit, waiting the day of redemption. I now belong to him. I am a child of the Father. Christ is now my Christ−my Savior and Redeemer. But one day, scripture tells us, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is!

No, it does not mean I will attain divinity. It does not mean I will rule and reign over my own little personal planet somewhere in the far-stretches of the universe. It means I will be made perfect and sinless as he is. I will be, finally and forever, redeemed from my sinful nature and clothed in the perfection and obedience of Christ my Lord. Wow, what a day that will be indeed!

So, with or without a time machine, I will one day see him. I will see him in all his splendor and glory. I will see him face to face!

Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. (1 John 3.2 ESV)


They will see his face . . . (Rev. 22.4)



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6 responses to “Traveling Through Time at 88 MPH!

  1. Easter Ellen

    May 22, 2014 at 12:41 am

    What a wonderful thought.. to go back and see Jesus as He lived and taught.. the thought is overwhelming.. but our time will come, as you say.

    • Timothy Murray

      May 22, 2014 at 8:50 am

      Yes it will! Thanks for the read and comment!

      • Easter Ellen

        May 22, 2014 at 10:26 am

        🙂 It truly was my pleasure.


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