A Jesus Story . . . as Told by My 4 Year Old Daughter!

10 Aug


Photo by pippalou on Morgue File.

On most nights, we lay down with our girls and tell them a “Jesus story”. My daughters favorite Jesus story is the one about him walking on water during the storm. It is the one they always ask to hear. I have told that particular one about a million times in the past few months!

I have told it so often, in fact, my four-year old daughter will correct me when I do not tell it exactly right!

Well, tonight, as I was sitting and doing some theological research online and my wife was at the school getting her classroom ready for the new year, I heard our four-year pretending with our two-year old. They were pretending that the oldest was the mommy and the youngest was in bed. The oldest being the mommy meant she had to tell a Jesus story . . . and boy what a story she told!

Here is how it went, more or less, without commercial interruptions! Enjoy:

Once upon a time Jesus and the disciples were walking. And Jesus, uh, I mean God, I mean Jesus loved them. And God, I mean Jesus, was walking with them. And they walked some more. And then they came to a balloon. And then they went up in the balloon and saw a rainbow. Then they walked some more. And then they saw two bumble bees. No, I mean they saw one, two, three, four . . . four bumble bees. And then they walked some more.


Well, that seems to have been the gist of it!

I must admit, I do not remember telling that particular story to her at any point in time! And, I am fairly certain her mother did not either!

Imagination is an amazing thing! 

It reminds me of that old Cosby show, Children say the darnest things!

I gain two insights from the above story. First, my four-year old’s Christological comprehension is still a work in progress! Second, she has a good grasp on the fact that Jesus did a lot of walking!

As for the balloons, rainbows and bumble bees . . . well, I guess that is all part of a sanctified imagination! 

After all, it is not like she is the first to rewrite the history of the gospel accounts to suit her own interest!


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