Boo-boos in Ears and Proper Perspectives on Life and Faith

15 Sep


Photo by Alvimann on Morgue File.

Last night, my inquisitive two-year old daughter was looking at my right ear. I was holding her in my arms, because . . . well, she likes to be held!

As I was holding her, I saw something catch her gaze. She went from looking at me, eye to eye, to staring at my ear. Before long her hand was playing with my ear. I could feel she was trying to put her fingers in my ear!

I asked her what in the world she was doing? She informed me, as she continued to finger at my ear, Daddy, you have a boo-boo in your ear!

boo-boo in my ear? This sounded serious!

I alerted her to the fact that I did not feel a boo-boo on my ear or in my ear. I told her she may be seeing things. But, she insisted that I had a boo-boo in my ear.

After telling me a few times and continuing to pick at my ear, she could tell I was not very concerned about this, apparently, life-threatening  boo-boo in my ear!

At which point, she became frustrated with me. She then grabbed my head with both hands (one on each side of my head) and proceeded to turn my head to my right, while saying, See Daddy, Look! Look at your boo-boo!

Now, of course, what she had in mind was to turn my head to the right so I could then look inside my own ear and see this horrible boo-boo!

I had to tell her, as I pried her hands from off my head, such a thing was not possible. No matter how far she turned my head, I would never be able to see inside my own ear . . . I would never be able to have her point of view.

Even if I could pull off a head-turning Exorcist move, it still would not help me! (Minus the foaming at the mouth of course!)

I have thought more about this comical little conversation since last night.

I thought how sometimes we do the same thing.

Have you ever had a person in your life that just could not see things from your point of view? No matter how hard you tried, you could not make him/her see things from your perspective?

Or, to put the shoe on the other foot, have you ever been the person who could not see your friend’s or loved one’s perspective?

I am sure we have all been there, one time or another, on either side of the fence.

Frustration sets in. We become agitated and even hostile, trying to force the person to see it our way.

We grab their head, proverbially probably (but who knows!), and try to force them into seeing the boo-boo from our perspective.

Has such a tactic ever worked? Probably only a few times, if ever.

Sometimes we do need to see something from a different perspective. Sometimes we are blind to something in our lives that is blatantly apparent to others.

Still other times, it may be, as in the case of my daughter, there really is not a boo-boo, but they surely think there is!

There are certain things you and I cannot see. I cannot see inside my own ear. I will never look directly upon my own back. I guess I could do the latter if I had a Go-go Gadget neck, but short of that, it is an impossibility!

Having said this, I can benefit from another person’s perspective. A person I trust. If I think I may have a boo-boo in my ear, I can ask my wife or friend to look and tell me if it is so. If I feel something crawling up my back, I can ask a friend to swat the bug off for me. If I feel like my back is bruised or has a bump, I can ask my wife to look and tell me what is going on.

Or, short of that, I can use a mirror (or mirrors, depending on the level of difficulty!) to help me see, what otherwise I would be unable to see.

There are times we do not see the boo-boo, because we do not want to see the boo-boo. We may, if we were being honest, know it is there, but we simply do not acknowledge it.

We think that as long as we don’t see it, we don’t have to deal with it.

Sometimes, and yes I know we hate to hear this, but sometimes the other person is right! Sometimes, whether we feel it or not, we do in fact have a boo-boo in our ear!

Sometimes God graciously gives to us the perspective of a third-party. God graciously gifts us with friends and loved ones who can help us from differing perspectives.

As a Christian, I need to be open to such admonishing. I need to understand that sometimes the voice of God is heard in my wife’s voice. Sometimes God’s hand is felt in my friend’s help and support.

God often, I am convinced, speaks to us audibly, he just does it through other people’s voices!

Yes, we must be careful. There are those who would nit-pick everything about you. Those people who only live to criticize others.

Again, that is why trust is invaluable.

Can God speak to you through an enemy? Absolutely! But, I do not know that I want an enemy digging around in my ear!

Most of all, God’s word and Holy Spirit show us things from God’s perspective. We need to be open to God’s admonishment, correction and help.

We may not always like what we hear, but we need to hear it nonetheless.

So, be open to those whom God brings in your life, those you can trust. They may have the better perspective. What they tell you, whether it be good or bad, is beneficial and grace-filled.

They may encourage you to do something that you feel you are incapable of doing. Their perspective may be right. It may be God’s way of telling you what he wants you to do and is affirming this through them. It may be you have a bad self-image and cannot see what God can do in and through you. Be open to listen, to hear God’s voice; however it may come to you.

Above all, be diligent and test the spirits. Make sure Christ is always the final verdict to confirm or veto whatever it may be.

And, the next time you are told you have a boo-boo in your ear, check it out just in case!

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