“Hello, how are you?” “It depends, are you really asking?!”

21 Nov


Photo by Prawny on Morgue File.

I just found out that today,among other things, is World Hello Day. I confess I had never heard of such a “holiday” before. Have you? In case you are as clueless as I was, let me help you out with some interesting tid-bits about World Hello Day.

This is the 42nd year of celebrating World Hello Day. It was started in 1973. It was started in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The whole point of World Hello Day is to foster peace and amicability between people all around the world. In order to participate in the observance of Hello day, you must greet ten people. I suppose it helps to greet them in a cordial way. A gruff, hum-bug greeting probably violates the spirit of the day!

Greetings are essential as we go about our lives. Many times, greetings become rote and blasé. We become robotic in our greetings: a manufactured smile, a quick question of How are you today?, a cock of the head and a tip of the cap and we are on our way. The real question is, did we even hear what the other person said? Or, did they in fact say anything of consequence? Did we?

We all know the pleasantries of greetings. You ask, How are you today? Then I respond with something like, I’m well, how are you? And you reply, I’m fine, thank you. And then we continue on past each other to wherever we were headed. Both of us probably not paying much attention to what the other said and both of us probably not being entirely truthful with our responses.

Of course, have you ever asked someone, in passing, How are you doing today? and then they proceed to give you an actual, honest answer?! It catches you off guard doesn’t it? You probably think, Hey, you’re breaking the rules. You’re just suppose to say, Fine, or, Okay. You’re not suppose to actually take the question seriously!!!

We almost feel as if such a person has broken an age-old social moré or greeting protocol!

How dare they!

So, today, as you say your hellos, be prepared for someone to actually give you an honest and, perhaps, uncomfortable answer. (More uncomfortable for you than them probably.) And if you are one of those strange, non-conformist birds who insist on actually answering the question with honesty, as if it were a real question! Well . . . I suppose then, today is your lucky day!

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