Another Year Older and Deeper in . . .

31 Dec


Photo by Prawny on Morgue File.

A few nights ago, I was applying some lotion to my hands. I personally have always detested the way lotion feels on my hands. I have seldom used lotion for that reason. However, my hands have been very dry the past few months, forcing me to apply the oily remedy.

As I was rubbing the lotion into my hands, my now five-year old daughter, who was standing beside me, ever attentive to my every movement, asked, Daddy, why are you putting lotion on your hands? I replied in a matter-of-fact way, Because sweetheart, my hands are dry. She stood there for a second or two, still observing me rubbing my hands together (yes, I make sure it is completely rubbed in before I finish!) and said in her matter-of-fact way, No Daddy, it’s because you are old!

I quickly responded in a not so matter-of-fact way by declaring, I am not old!

Yes, this past October I did turn the big 4-0. Yes, I do have a bit more grey in my hair now than I once did. However, my theory about grey hair is a simple one: I don’t mind if my hair turns grey, as long as it doesn’t turn loose!

And here it is, the eve to another year, another year that will bring more aging and yet another birthday. I have never given much thought to my age. I have always considered myself relatively young. I suppose I am at the dreaded (and in some cases, infamous!) mid-life mark.

Recently, I was sitting next to a couple of young teens at church. One of them was commenting to the other how old people are this or that (I don’t really remember what he said, maybe I’m showing my age!), he then looked at me and said, with something of a wry smile on his face, No offense! I quickly questioned, What are you trying to say? He gave a sheepish look and we both gave an awkward laugh!

Age is only a number. Or at least, that is what the older folk say. As you get older you certainly hope it is only a number, because if it is not, you are in trouble!

A couple of months ago (at the insistence of my wife) I went to the doctor to have my first physical checkup in ten plus years. I am one of those who subscribes to the theory that you only visit the doctor when something is wrong with you. Of course, even then the doctor is a last resort, after over the counter medicines, folk remedies, strange and new theories and off the wall I’ll try anything at least once cures have all failed miserably!

But, there I was, sitting in the doctor’s office, even though I felt perfectly fine. I just knew I was going to go in feeling well, only to come out with some sort of sickness or other.

Yet, in the end, after being poked and prodded, stuck and stabbed, questioned and interrogated . . . okay, it really wasn’t as bad as all that, I came out relatively unscathed.

They did say my bad cholesterol was, well . . . bad. Sounded about right to me! Though they did say, it was not that bad, but they still prescribed me a small daily dosage of medication to keep it in check.

And so it begins!

I have always prided myself in being able to say, when asked if I take any daily medication, NO! I have always prided myself in being healthy (plus or minus a few pounds) and not counting never exercising or eating in a overly healthy manner; but still, besides all that, I have always prided myself in being healthy!

No, I do not suffer from high blood pressure. No, I am not diabetic. No, I do not have to take any daily prescriptions for any health related issue. No, I have never had major surgery.

Oh well, I guess the proverbial two out of three ain’t bad has to apply!

As the new year sits on the horizon, I face it as I have any other. I am not one to make resolutions. I am not one that really gets caught up in fads of any sort. I am not anti-resolutions  per se, but the New Year’s variety seem to be less than marginally successful.

So, as 2015 yawns before me, I pray it will be a good and fruitful year. I pray for the health and well-being of my children. I pray my wife is blessed and healthy. I pray my family learn, grow and are happy.

In the month of January, I will be leading a winter Bible study at my local church. It will continue for 8–10 weeks. This year the subject is the book of Deuteronomy. As an Old Testament guy, I love the choice! As I have been preparing for the study, I reflect on its tenor and message as the New Year dawns.

Deuteronomy is a book of messages. It is a book that prompts the people of Israel to think back and remember what God has done on their behalf. It teaches the value of being reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past. This testimony of his past actions is an encouragement that God will continue to bless his people.

I too can look back over my life, over this past year and see how God has been faithful. This is a great assurance to me to know that God is always faithful. No matter what this year may bring, God is worthy of my worship and adoration.

As believers in Christ, take some time today to reflect on God’s faithfulness to you in the past. Remember those times when God worked and moved in your life in life-defining ways. As you remember those times, be assured that God will continue to do the same, for he is always faithful and sure.

And remember, no matter how old you get, there is always room to learn and grow.

And, age is only a number . . . at least until the aches and pains begin!

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