Why am I Here?

25 Jan

Photo by jppi on Morgue File.

Well, I see I have not blogged in quite a while: over a month actually. But hey, I’m busy! But as one great seer said to me only recently, we do what we want to do. So true. At least, to some degree. Because, then there is the Pauline dichotomy in Romans 7 . . . but, I’ll leave that for another day.

So, to the question of the title, why am I here? No, no I am not asking an existential question concerning life, existence and purpose. By here I do not mean any of those things; rather, I mean here! As in the blogosphere! You see, it is a far more serious question after all!

Blogging is an interesting medium. I have confessed, on this very blog, and, more than once, that I am an incurable introvert. Yes, I am something of a high-functioning introvert; but, I am an introvert all the same. Therefore, I do not do social media. Socially oriented contrivances are against my being.

I do not Facebook, or facetime. I do not twitter or tweet, I’m not a bird after all. I do not do tumblr, I am accident prone enough. I do not do any of the above or any of the rest. In fact, I am so out of touch on such matters, blissfully so I might add, that I do not even know what the others are . . . though I know there are others. But, I do not care.

But, I do blog, well, at least occasionally! What possessed me to do such a thing? Actually, my first blog post coincided with another bout of pneumonia. Perhaps it was the high fever or the concoction of medications that caused me to enter the fray of the world wide web; and, more specifically, this nexus called the blogosphere.

I have never been overly concerned with readership or followers. I do appreciate all those who have taken time to read my blog and to follow me. But, I have never really done much to beef up the numbers either.

As a good introvert, I suppose in many ways I blog for my own benefit. Hmm, that sounded a bit selfish did it not? Well, then again, it just happens to be true! Again, that’s not to say I do not appreciate people reading my random, meandering thoughts and even commenting on them. Yet, ultimately, I suppose blogging is as much therapeutic for me than anything else.

I will try to be a bit more consistent in my blogging in the future; but, as way leads on to way, who knows how that will turn out!

I do enjoy writing. I am not, however, an overly opinionated sort. I am of the quieter variety of the species. I prefer to sit and watch, observe and listen. I am not one to speak endlessly in absolutes . . . after all, that would be a bit boring, don’t ya think?! I prefer to list options and possibilities.

If I have not thought deeply on something, I tend (the operative word is tend!) to stay quiet altogether. For instance, if you were to ask me what I thought about the phenomenon known as Trump (or is it the Trump?!), I would say I have not thoughts concerning it . . . eh, him. But, someone inevitably pushes, you must have some opinion, right?

No, not really.

I mean, I only have so much mental space, I really do not want to clutter it up with all this stuff. I prefer to stick to my passions and curiosities. I find these keep me busy and drinking from the deep well long enough without adding side-attractions.

I have the ability, if I may call it such, to disappear and become lost in my own thoughts. I can shut the door behind me, bolt it and meander through any number of hallways and rooms, while being oblivious to anything around me.

These are such sweet times!

But, alas, someone always comes knocking!

All that to say, I will continue on blogging. I hope someone else finds something of value here from time to time. If not, I will enjoy it for its own satisfaction. Sometimes the work or hobby is contentment in itself.

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