Kindergarten Level Theology!

12 May

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My wife was with driving with my six-year old daughter the other day, when she asked her mommy a rather strange question.

Mommy, who is the moon?

My wife responded something like, Do you mean what is the moon?

No mommy, our daughter insisted, who is the moon?

Sweetheart, I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean who is the moon?

Now my daughter thought for a moment and replied, in all the huff and agitation a six-year old can muster, when she becomes frustrated that the adult doesn’t understand such a simple, straight-forward question!

Uh, mommy you know, I mean Jesus is the Sun, so who is the moon?!!!

Ah, now it becomes clear as daylight, or moonlight as it were!

Our daughter was suffering from a conundrum of, not only theological perplexity; but also, semantical tomfoolery!

My wife then explained to our daughter that Jesus is the Son of God, not the Sun. So then, no one is in fact the moon, the moon is just the moon!

These sorts of things happen from time to time. I remember when I was a child, there was a stretch of time that I confused the words gossip and gospel! So, when our pastor stood in the pulpit and proclaimed that we should share the gospel, I thought he was committing high treason by telling us to go out and blatantly sin!

Thankfully, my semantical conundrum was cleared up for me before I resorted to petitioning for his immediate ouster as our under-shepherd!

In my Sunday school class, we are presently reviewing trinitarian doctrine. We covered it a few months back as we discussed the early church councils and creeds. My Sunday school class is, as of right now, focused on church history. We are in the middle of discussions on unorthodox, cult groups and how many of them get the Trinity wrong; or, out and out deny it.

So then, the whole Jesus is the Son has been on my mind a good bit as of late.

Children certainly help to keep us on our toes. From the mouth of babes, after all and all that!

Hopefully, this helped to clear up my daughter’s misunderstanding. I certainly don’t want her going around saying her parents teach her the sun and moon are divine entities! I have a feeling that would be quite uncomfortable for us!


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