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Psalm 113. 1-3 and Christmas

(Photo by GaborfromHungary on Morgue File)

Today, one of the daily readings in the lectionary is Psalm 113. I must admit this particular psalm is one of my favorites. In fact, I have preached from that psalm more than any other psalm. If you are a preacher you know what I mean when I say it is one of my go to sermonsRead the rest of this entry »


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A Song of My Shepherd


This past Sunday morning, I was asked by the pastor where we have been attending for the past several months, to preach from Psalm 23.  I have preached and/or taught many of the psalms before, but this was the first time preaching from this well-known passage.  Perhaps, other than John 3.16, Ps. 23 is the best known passage in the Bible.

The Lord moved in a marvelous way in my own heart as I prepared and delivered the message.  I thought I would share some thoughts on this psalm in a series format.  I may even link the sermon manuscript to the blog at the end of the series.

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